What are Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds, also called Epistaxis, are the result of a loss of blood from the nasal tissue lining the nose. Nosebleeds are very common and are very-rarely associated with a life threatening health problem.

What causes nosebleeds?

The interior tissue of the nose is comprised of numerous small blood vessels that have the potential to bleed fairly easily when air moving through the nose dries and irritates the tissue resulting in crusting of the nasal tissue. The tissues can become irritated by rubbing, picking or over-blowing of the nose. Other causes of nosebleeds can often be the result of:

  • Sinusitis;
  • Allergies;
  • A deviated septum;
  • Barotrauma (from airplane flights or deep water diving);
  • Environmental issues (chemical exposure);
  • Physical trauma (head injury, broken nose);
  • A foreign object in the nose; and
  • Colds.

What part of the nose is susceptible to nose bleeds?

Most nosebleeds occur in the front section of the nasal septum, which is the structure that separates the two sides of the nose.

Do some drugs make people more prone to nosebleeds?

Drugs that cause blood to thin can make people more prone to nose bleeds. Do not discontinue taking any drugs that you are taking under a doctor’s orders without first consulting with them. Also, over use of over-the-counter nasal sprays can also make one more prone to nosebleeds

When is the right time to contact a medical professional?

Contact a medical professional immediately if:

  • Bleeding does not discontinue within 20 minutes;
  • The bleeding has occurred after a traumatic head injury;
  • The bleeding has occurred after a significant blow to the nose
  • It is recommended that medical care should be sought if an individual experiences repeated nosebleeds that are not associated with a cold.

Who is qualified to treat nosebleeds?

A specialized professional, preferably an otolaryngologist with extensive sinus experience, is necessary to evaluate and diagnose the causes of nosebleeds. The sinus-specialty otolaryngologists of The Sinus Institute at CEI have over 35 years years of experience treating sinusitis in all of its forms using both medical treatments and cutting edge surgery options. Click here to make an appointment.