Nasal Fracture

A nasal fracture (broken nose) is a fracture, break or crack in a portion of the bony structure of the nose. Most commonly the fracture occurs at the bridge of the nose due to its prominence on the face.

What is the cause of a nasal fracture?

The cause of nasal fracture is a trauma to the face. Common causes can include participation in contact sports, physical fights, falls and motor vehicle accidents.

What are the symptoms of nasal fracture?

The symptoms of nasal fracture include pain, swelling, bruising, bleeding, difficulty breathing and a crooked appearance to the bridge of the nose.

What is the treatment for a nasal fracture?

Treatment for a broken nose may include procedures to realign your nose. Surgery may occasionally be necessary.

Who is qualified to treat a nasal fracture?

A specialized team of professionals, preferably an otolaryngologist with extensive nasal experience and a facial plastic surgeon is necessary to evaluate and treat nasal fractures. The sinus-specialty otolaryngologists of The Sinus Institute at CEI work with the facial plastic surgeons of the California Face and Laser Institute in providing an integrated team approach to treating even the most complex nasal fractures. Click here to make an appointment.